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La Beccaccia Restaurant lies surrounded by the fascinating Fagarè wood, and not far from Cornuda city centre. This family-run restaurant took its name from the old pub located in front of the present restaurant, which, at the end of the 19th century, used to serve wine and pick-me-ups to farmers, workers and hunters.

In the Salogni Family the catering activity has passed down four generations. It all started in that old pub, thanks to Grandmother Linda. At the beginning of the ‘60s, the current restaurant began to be built. La Beccaccia Restaurant is nowadays known not only in Italy, but also abroad for its food quality and its polite staff.

The restaurant offers an enchanting natural park and wide lovely rooms, which are able to seat over 300 guests. This location is suitable for any special occasion.

The Salogni Family:

Paolo, the grill master;

his wife Giovannina, incomparable in cooking any type of rice and game;

Paola, the oldest daughter - specialized in wedding celebrations and receptions,

Pietro, the other son - the family sommelier and account manager.

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